The S23+ may look a lot like the S22+ (shown here), at least on the surface. - Hot new leak reveals a big reason to be excited about the Samsung Galaxy S23+

Hot new leak reveals a big reason to be excited about the Samsung Galaxy S23+

Unless you’re the world’s biggest Samsung fan, or you’re sticking with the venerable Galaxy S9, chances are you’ve made up your mind to upgrade to the new flagship next spring anyway The latest rumors around The Galaxy S23 series leaves you feeling rather overwhelmed (at best).

There are now multiple stories and credible sources pointing to The design of the vanilla S23 and S23+ is completely unchanged (At least) compared to their respective predecessors, but as you probably didn’t realize until today, the lack of external changes might actually prove to be a good thing.

Beautiful on the outside, strong on the inside

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in a (very) similar era of high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra feel objectively familiar and special enough to make a visual impression on (almost) anyone.

6.6″ metal and glass not too heavy and certainly not too thick The S22 Plus, for example, also manages to pack a sizable 4,500mAh battery that’s (almost) a perfect blend of beauty and power.Of course, there is always room for improvement in battery life, especially for Android flagships. Samsung is expected to work with the Galaxy S23 Plus.

if Elec’s internal sources have proven accurate, which has happened multiple times on many unannounced Galaxy devices in the past, that the S23+ will boost the aforementioned battery capacity by about 5% on its 2022 predecessor.

That might not sound like much, but it would be a pretty impressive feat for Samsung to squeeze a 4,700mAh battery into the Galaxy high-ender’s unaltered large body. The current plan is definitely to retain (more or less) the S22+’s 7.6mm thickness and 195g weight, mind you, this is said to be possible with the help of so-called “stacking” technology.

The battery’s internal material will be stacked “layer by layer” like a staircase to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space inside the Galaxy S23+, keeping the phone relatively slim. This sounds like a lot of engineering work to increase the battery capacity by 5%, but if the end result is only an hour or two of extra battery life between charges in the real world, we’re pretty sure many users will like it otherwise watch Seems like a modest upgrade.

No word on the S23 and S23 Ultra fronts…yet

Although this latest Elec report (Translation here) doesn’t explain it clearly for us, its timing definitely suggests that the 4,700mAh info is somehow connected to Recent battery certifications leave capacity numbers up in the air.Although no similar documents have been found for the upcoming two other members So far, the Galaxy S23 series should also arrive soon.
Until then, we may not know if “regular” Galaxy S23 and The S23 Ultra model has a similar battery size upgrade compared to the S22 and S22 Ultra. But that doesn’t stop us from guessing that Samsung does plan to improve this area across the lineup.

after all, The Galaxy S22+ scored the highest battery life test results in our in-depth review of the three S22-series devices, so it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade the S23+ without upgrading the S23 and S23 Ultra in an always-important department.
If we risk a few (semi-educated) guesses, we’d expect the base Galaxy S23 version to pack at least a 3,800 mAh or so battery, with the S23 Ultra likely going all the way up to around 5,300 mAh of juice. If you also add extensive speculation of Qualcomm’s Energy Efficiency Enhancements With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, you can expect the entire S23 lineup to absolutely crush its predecessor in our battery life tests next year.

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