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Happy TWABsday, Guardians!

This week, we’ve added a new destination for your treasure hunt. Expeditions are now available on Nessus! We also want to remind you that Trials are returning next weekend, and you may have noticed some new craftable weapons dropping from other events. So, with that out of the way, let’s chat around the campfire as we have some details to talk about.

Weapon crafting update

In Season 18, we’ve updated the perk pool for the “Eternal Dream” weapon, added a new Origin trait called “Hot Swap”, and added the following weapon shapeshifting abilities, as long as you unlock the weapon in The To make the witch queen:

  • BxR-55 Fighter
  • Badlands M5
  • half-truth
  • the other half
  • pardon our dust
  • backtracking path

We’re really excited to see how players craft their Dares weapons. For those looking to progress towards obtaining patterns, completing the Eternal Dream Weekly Pinnacle Challenge will guarantee the Eternal Dream Deep Vision weapon once a week to give you pattern progression all the time until all patterns are unlocked. This applies to all Dares of Eternity weapons except The Other Half. We wanted to preserve the rarity of this weapon, but also wanted to make sure that if you were lucky enough to see it drop, It will always have Deepsight Resonance This allows you to extract patterns with a single acquisition.

Lightfall Collector’s Edition

We’ve made a lot of announcements over the past month, so we wanted to re-share Destiny 2: Lightfall Collector’s Edition, because come on, did you see it? ! As we prepare for the arrival of the Witnesses, the Lightfall Collector’s Edition will help the Guardians understand the minds of our enemies and hope for what’s to come. Learn about Calus’ psychology from Queen Caiatl, study Ikora’s notes on Osiris’ hopeful vision for Neptune, but most importantly… have your own pouka!

The Collector’s Edition includes a digital code for the Lightfall + Annual Pass, but if you just want the physical item, we’ve got a “no game code” version of the Collector’s Edition. Each edition will include a gorgeous pouka statue (it has LED lights!), a letter from Zavala, and an assortment of merchandise for the upcoming battle. But watch this video and see for yourself so you can get one before they go away!

Player Support Report


After another week, our player support team received another report. They are back with some notes on the resolved issues, and some known issues to report. Fixed issues

Next week, Hotfix will be released to the world. Here is a list of some of the issues that this patch will address:

  • Viewing the Vallhund Exotic decoration in the Eververse menu will no longer incorrectly tell players who own The Sixth Coyote that they do not own Exotic armor.
  • The charge melee keybinding is no longer inconsistent with Titan Thunder melee when approaching an enemy.
  • Stormtrance now properly increases its damage over time when attacking.

120 Hz problem

Due to an issue, the 120 Hz output option in Crucible on PS5 is not currently supported. It will be available again in a future update.

known issues

While we continue to investigate various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues reported to us in the #Help forum:

We’re investigating reports of players not being able to access Destiny 2 on PS4.

  • Sometimes the player can appear outside the room while fighting the War Priest.
  • Rift Lost Sector is missing Triumphs and incorrectly lists shields that are present.
  • Nezarec Robes lose their resonance effect when applying decorations to Nezarec’s Sin.
  • The geometry around the Optimacy Arms of Optimacy decoration is misplaced.
  • Dawn Chorus Exotic will not appear in the collection.
  • Expeditions will not display any stats in the activity summary.
  • Xenology Exotic quests do not count the progress of playlist activities.
  • Repeatable star map bounties can continue to be purchased when the player has a full quest inventory.
For a complete list of urgent issues in Destiny 2, players can check out our Known Issues article. Players who find other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

titan of the week

If you’re looking for titan love, look no further than our MOTW pick of the week! Don’t forget to tag us on social media with #MOTW, #AOTW or #Destiny2Art, or use our creation pages so we can find you!

Bruno: If I’ve learned something from Shaxx and his cauldron, it’s that sometimes good positioning is even more important than good weapons or even good aiming. This video is a good example of how amazing the new Titan Thunderclap melee ability can be if you’re in the right place at the right time.

Movie of the week: a clap [Loud music and noises]

Ivan: This MOTW brings us suspense, a Blade Runner vibe, and some old-school combat from the one-of-a-kind Saint-14.

Movie of the week: Savior: Destiny 2 short film #MOTW

The Art of Gold Value

hippie: Guardians from around the world came together last week (as we often do, super proud of the Destiny 2 community!) to support a dad who posted about his family’s childhood cancer experience, and how A heartbreaking loss left him. The father had a simple request: to pan for gold. So, we did it. Across the globe, we see Guardians outfitted with their best shaders to support increased awareness of childhood cancer research. If you don’t have one, you can buy the gold shader in the Year 1 Shader Bundle for 1,000 Glimmer in the Eververse Archive! What’s more, artists from all over the world are also involved, as seen in this beautiful artwork below.

Before you check out our art picks of the week, I’ll be doing the “hippie thing” and fighting for more: you can directly help the cause by learning more about childhood cancer research and how you can help here.

Art of the Week: The golden light at the end of the tunnel

Sam: I know there are many reasons why people like their main sub-class, but so many warlocks are given to your children, I just don’t understand why you would choose something else. 😊

Art of the Week: Arc Eel

That’s it for this week’s TWAB, Guardians roundup. We hope you have fun traversing the high seas and collecting all the relics you can dream of. Make sure you keep sharing your adventures on social media so we can celebrate with you!

Stay cunning, Guardian!


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