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Halo Infinite might be great, but I’m tired of waiting

The latest Halo Infinite roadmap is here, as is the now-familiar emotional loop triggered by 343 Industries’ update. It goes like this: get excited about the new collection of Halo Infinite news, hold on to it as you start parsing that news, happily accept some good information, worry that some updates start to look a little worrisome, and then once you realize that’s what Everything you get for the next six months to a year, you’re going to be disappointed.

Newest Halo Waypoint Update (opens in new tab) It’s especially troubling in this regard, as we’ve learned that Season 3 will be delayed from November this year to March 2023, and 343 Industries will drop Halo Infinite split-screen collaboration entirelyNaturally, the players felt the goalposts were moved again – and the fact that the couch co-op cancellation was quietly hidden in the 30-minute update video didn’t help either. Most frustrating, however, is that Halo Infinite could be a great game – I just don’t want to wait any longer for all these promised improvements.

RIP Sofa Cooperative

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Halo 5 Guardians is the first Halo game without couch co-op. 343 Partially cancels the mode to ensure the game can hit 60fps. But a Halo game without split-screen co-op is only Halo in name, and fans of the series have expressed their disappointment. So 343 Industries responded loudly and declaratively to the backlash.studio founder Bonnie Ross on stage at DICE Summit 2017 And discuss what the team has learned from failure. “It’s very distressing for the community and for us,” she said. “It erodes trust with the community, because the community is part of the world we build…I would say for any future FPS we will always have split screen.”

I would say that for any future FPS we will always have split screen

Bonnie Ross at 343 Industries in 2017

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