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  • Fixed an issue where treasure objects could be duplicated. This leads to inflation of the entire interstellar economy, and we can’t do that.


  • Fixed an issue where the A Single Thread quest would not complete if the player completed Duality on Master difficulty.

Fall of the King

  • Fixed Golgoroth’s DPS sometimes not ending correctly.
  • Fixed King’s Fall Carries stat tracker mentioning seasonal carry instead of weekly carry.
  • Fixed an issue where the total number of badges was incorrect.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Decreased damage resistance level in PvP (used by Omnioculus and Chain Whispers)
      • Tier 1: 10% to 2.5%
      • Tier 2: 15% to 5%
      • Tier 3: 20% to 7.5%
      • Tier 4: 25% to 10%


  • Fixed an issue where some bows would reload themselves when stowed.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Quicksilver Storm in grenade mode could cause excessive recoil and other undesirable conditions on other weapons.
  • Fixed Season 18 Seasonal Machine Guns and Pistols having two Masterwork slots.
  • Fixed an issue where most heavy grenade launchers were dealing far more damage than intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Combo Strike melee ability could keep staggering boss combatants.
  • Fixed Combo Strike’s melee damage scalar also applying to Stormstrike.
  • Fixed Combination Blow’s melee energy regeneration bonus applying when Tempest Strike is equipped.
      • Developer’s Note: In general, we do not normalize the regeneration rate of melee abilities for melee modifications like Stormstrike or Devotion, as the base cooldown delta between most of our melee abilities is relatively small. However, since Combo Strike’s cooldown reduction is so significant and integral to the base melee behavior, we’ve chosen to do this here to better grasp where Stormstrike sits in terms of potency and uptime, which would have been Difficulty cooldown may be 15 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage resistance provided by Flow State Aspect and Arc Staff Super was significantly higher than expected when dodging in PvP.
  • Fixed Striker and Stormcaller subclasses not benefiting from resilience-based PvE damage resistance and incoming backoff reductions.
  • Fixed Tempest Strike retaining its energy when activated after sliding out of a ledge.

strength and progress

  • Fixed an issue where completing the Master of Ketchcrash Weekly Challenge would not have rewarded gear.


  • Removed the Loyal Companion Charity emote erroneously appearing in the file.

Platforms and Systems

  • Fixed some settings tabs missing under the “Vehicles” section of Stadia.


  • Fixed an issue where owned trinkets would sometimes show up, even if they weren’t.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from claiming Prime Rewards from Amanda Holliday.
  • Fixed an issue where a very loud sound would play when the team wiped to Golgoroth’s Light Depletion mechanic.

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