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Twitter is officially entering the world of podcasting.Social network Announce Today, it’s integrating podcasts into its platform as part of its newly designed Spaces tab. Starting today, the revamped Spaces tab and new podcasts will be available to English-speaking audiences worldwide on iOS and Android.

The redesign introduces users to personalization hubs called “stations” that group content together based on different topics such as news, music, sports, and more. The suggestions you see will be based on the topics and people you care about. Twitter users can now access a personalized live and recording space. The hubs will also feature the most popular podcasts from around the world. Once you come across a podcast, you can give Twitter a thumbs up or thumbs down of the podcast to let Twitter know if the content is of interest to you.

Twitter Podcast Page

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Once you open the Spaces tab, you will see three sections. The top of the tab will show you the stations that scroll horizontally and show different topics and topics to listen to. Below this, you’ll see the Spaces spotlight, which lists some curated audio content. Finally, you’ll see a list of upcoming Spaces.

Today’s announcement comes as no surprise, given that the social network has been spotted testing podcast additions over the past few months. However, initial testing suggested Twitter was developing a dedicated podcasting label, but today’s launch suggests Twitter is more interested in making podcasts part of Spaces than giving them their own home on the platform. TechCrunch also previously reported that Twitter is developing audio stations and personalized audio summaries.

“Integrating podcasts into Spaces for audio conversations on Twitter is another way we continue to invest in audio creators,” Twitter said in a statement. blog post. “To do this in an easy and intuitive way that allows listeners to just hit play, we started with a redesigned audio experience in the Spaces tab.”

Twitter says its internal research shows that 45 percent of people who use Twitter in the U.S. also listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, so now the company automatically recommends podcasts to help users discover content based on topics of interest to them.

Twitter Podcast

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When asked if Twitter had a timeline for a wider rollout or a desktop release of the podcast, a spokesperson for the social network told TechCrunch that the company would gather feedback on initial testing and build the feature in the near future.

Twitter said the addition of podcasts is part of its plan to provide users with an “all-in-one, personalized audio destination” by giving users more audio content to listen to.

Twitter’s entry into the world of podcasting comes as Meta-owned Facebook recently shut down its podcasting service just a year after its launch. The company also discontinued its short-form audio Soundbites feature and its Audio Hub. The change comes as Meta is said to be putting the short-video project above other plans, likely due to growing competition from popular short-video app TikTok.

Given Facebook’s departure from podcasting, if Twitter can successfully expand the audio format, it could have an edge over other social media networks.

Notably, today’s announcement comes as Twitter’s former head of security, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, claims Spaces lacks proper moderation. Zatko made the claim in an explosive whistleblower complaint. Zatko said a Twitter executive falsely told employees and board members in December 2021 that the feature was being properly moderated, but found that “about half of Spaces content was flagged in a language the moderators didn’t speak, and There is almost no moderation happening.”

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