Halo Infinite fans fight for guns in game

In Halo Infinite, two Spartans stand side by side, wielding battle rifles.

I can’t wait to see how accurate my teammate Zack is on this one.
picture: 343 Industries

In a year of publicly playable, multiplayer shooters Halo Infinite Did not receive a new weapon. But if the recent leaks are to be believed, it’s a new gun – the so-called Bandit Rifle, which looks a lot like the DMRs of yore halo Games – can join endlessArmory soon. Naturally, players have agreed with this.

Halo InfiniteThe free-to-play multiplayer mode of the game, first in a series of betas and then as a full release in the fall, is based on a seasonal model, with new maps, modes, and cosmetic items (some free, some paid) rotating every few months. The game comes out of the gate with 21 weapons. Some of them, like the assault rifle and battle rifle, are updated versions of series staples. Others, like the splintered Shatter sidearm, is brand new.

In the past few weeks, tested Halo Infinite‘s online co-op event, news about the upcoming addition to the game has leaked like a fire hydrant on my block. Some players have already gained access to the game’s Forge mode, which allows players to make custom maps and modes. But one of the most tantalizing discoveries in this latest wave of leaks is evidence of a fully functioning bandit rifle, The leaked footage Touring this week. (Data miners dug up images of the Bandit Rifle a few months ago, but this is the first time players have seen it in action.)

The clips so far have shown a semi-automatic firearm with an outline similar to Halo 4 and Halo 5 DMR version. Unlike previous iterations, however, the Bandit Rifle has no scope. You can use the visor’s built-in zoom to aim the sight, which means you can’t “peek” (halo Terminology: when you get hit while looking down the scope, you go back to the iron scope). According to tests conducted by some leakers, it takes four shots to break an enemy shield; you can then complete them with one headshot or three body shots.Bandit Rifle Fire quickly (Think: The pistol comes from Halo 5).

For some players like me, this heralded the long-awaited return of the fan-favorite gun. But others have some concerns. Halo Infinite Pro Tyler “Spartan” Ganza – now part of Faze Clan’s pro team After breaking up earlier this summer From his previous organization, eUnited—Say Approaching a “god-level” gun, but needs to “slow down” [the] rate of fire, defrost, [and] Add descope. In theory, this would make the gun more balanced. The DMR has historically been a long-range destructive weapon. If you can’t spy on an opponent at a distance, they automatically gain a significant advantage.

Yes, but: It’s hard to gauge how the weapon feels until you actually use it.

“OMG, no one has used this weapon yet,” tweeted anonymous Twitter account Shitty Halo Takes Say. “Esports ruined the game, I’ll die on that mountain,” added another anonymous account in a tweet It has since garnered 50,000 likes.

People on both sides of the debate keep slamming the same talking points in another instance of a defined rift Halo InfiniteOn the one hand, you have top players, citing their expertise and thousands of hours of gameplay, suggesting subtle tweaks to the sacred quest for balance. On the other hand, you have casual players who just want to make the game fun.

We’ve seen this happen before.during the startup window Halo Infinite, The Mangler sidearm absolutely dominates. You can take out an opponent with two actions: one shot, and one melee attack.even informally agree that it will not be used for Halo Infiniteprofessional circuit. as a response, 343 industries reduced their efficacy earlier this year.Now, no one uses it in casual games – it’s pretty much useless these days – and the pros still frown on its use in official games, effectively removing one of them Halo Infinite21 weapons from the pool. Casual players are somewhat concerned that the Bandit Rifle could be unplugged before it even has a chance to bite.

But all of this is purely hypothetical, because to be clear here, no one knows for sure when the bandit rifle will come Halo Infinite— or if it even was. A representative for 343 Industries did not respond to a request for comment.

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