Long-awaited Dead Island 2 Unveils Headlines Gamescom Announces Fever

Eight years after its public release, Dead Island 2 It finally looks like a video game – its gory, polished gameplay kicks off a lengthy display of Gamescom’s opening night video game trailers and announcements.

The open-world zombie survival game developed by British game studio Dambuster has also set a February 2, 2023 release date (via the Epic Games Store) on current and past-gen consoles and Windows PC. It uprooted the series from its island origins and turned it into a zombie-infested version of Los Angeles (or, as the trailer puts it, “Hell-A”). The gameplay of this melee-focused first-person game is so mature, with detailed facial animations, massive open-world environments, and gory amputations, that we wondered how it would shrink down to the Xbox One’s hardware. Still, the trailer does a good job of emphasizing humor, conflict, and solid voice acting, which may be the production-value spark the game needs to stand out from the plethora of video games about open worlds, zombies, and gory combat.

Gamecom’s event has no unifying concept other than “game studios paying a premium,” so the rest of this article will focus on the event’s showcase games that stood out, either because they followed up on previously anticipated titles, or It’s because of the new teases that the fun of the game is coming.

Return to Monkey Island vest trailer

Return to Monkey IslandThe release date is set, and soon: September 19, known as International Talk Like A Pirate Day. The news comes courtesy of longtime series salesman Stan S. Stanman, who returns this week as a master of overmarketing, announcing that anyone who pre-orders the game will receive a “vesticle” item. The news clarifies that this item is nothing more than taking a place in your inventory and has zero impact on the game or puzzle. The trailer also includes glimpses of various in-game scenarios that will be featured in the real game, and they give us some optimism about the sequel’s art direction.

Famed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson confirms his partnership with the creator asia nautical A “crafted sci-fi universe” for new games Moonbreaker. But there is no open-world survival system here. instead, Moonbreaker is a turn-based miniature tactical game that looks like a more accessible spin on the tabletop classic warhammerArguably the coolest feature showcased this week is the free-to-use Draw Your Mini toolset, so players can invest in digital figurine customization without having to buy DLC. The new game’s Steam Early Access period begins on September 29, and will offer “one or two” free trials before a paid release.

Sonic Frontier “Story” Trailer

Sega uses this week’s Gamescom stage to lock down its upcoming open-world game Sonic Frontier Until the release date of November 8th. Although we had reservations about the demo we played at the Summer Games Fest, it felt a little undercooked and questionable, but either Sega is confident that the final game has reached snuff, or we’ll be in a few A great game in a month. Either way, today’s demo featured some new, desolate biomes, a new villain, and some new oversized bosses, as well as staying on top of the demos we played earlier A sharper shot of the impressive retro-style side-scrolling area.

New Stories from Borderlands trailer

New Stories from BorderlandsSet to hit theaters on October 21, it appears to have boosted the production value of the ex-Telltale-led narrative adventure series. While we haven’t seen whether the game’s dialogue sequences and dialogue choices will resemble the 2014 original, this sequel’s action scenes and comedy sequences are full of upgrades in both production value and cinematography. Also, thankfully, they include interesting new characters, rather than relying too heavily on the series’ dated-like Claptrap, which seems like a good sign.

The Expanse: A whistleblower series reveal

As far as the official Telltale game goes, the company’s upcoming narrative adventure, The Expanse: A whistleblower series, announced in the summer 2023 release window, along with a preview of pre-alpha gameplay. Its vague reveal suggests that at least one of the main sequences will revolve around an abandoned, cleaned-up spaceship looking for clues to figure out what went wrong.Even if it’s a tedious video game experience, we at Ars Technica usually gobble up any rich man’s quest expand The world of sci-fi stories, so we’re expecting more about this.

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