The Exotic menu for the Delicate Tomb Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder

Here are all six new and exotic items in Destiny 2: Season of Pillage

a new one Destiny 2 Seasons mean new exotics, but loot seasons add a surprise.In addition to the usual Exotic armor, seasonal Exotic and Raid Exotic, pre-ordered Guardians light fall The new Exotic Automatic Rifle will be immediately available with the Annual Pass. Typically, expansion packs such as Osteo Striga and No Time To Explain pre-order Exotics do not appear in the game until the expansion pack is released.

This seasonal update comes just hours after Bungie’s official debut light fall and loot season 2022 Destiny 2 exhibit.

Here are six new exotics Destiny 2: Plunder seasons, how to get them, and their perks.

Delicate Grave – Arc Fusion Rifle

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Exquisite Graves are in the Season Pass Exotics for Season of Plunder. Players with the Season Pass will get it immediately, but free players can also claim it after reaching level 35 of the Season Pass.

Delicate Tomb’s Exotic perk is Traitor’s Container, which causes it to fire a wide horizontal spread when fired from the hip. Killing enemies has a chance to create Ionic Traces, making it a powerful Exotic to pair with Arc 3.0. Killing the opposing Guardian or a powerful enemy guarantees Ionic Traces.

The inner privilege of the delicate tomb is Storm Fallswhenever you pick up Ion Tracking, it will give the weapon a buff, causing the next shot to hit the Jolt target.

Quicksilver Storm – Kinetic Automatic Rifle

Destiny 2's Exotic Menu: Lightfall Exotic Auto Rifle, Quicksilver Storm

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Quicksilver Storm is only available for pre-order during Season of Pillage light fall Annual pass, $99.99.This pass includes all Destiny content for 2023, including light fall Expansion, all four seasons, two new dungeons and some exclusive cosmetics. If you purchase an annual pass, you can pick up your Quicksilver Storm at Rahoo in the Tower.

Quicksilver Storm’s Exotic perk is rocket tracker, which results in multiple hits from the automatic rifle to generate homing microrockets. the inherent privilege of weapons, grenade chaser, causing the rocket to hit the grenade into the weapon. Holding the reload button puts the Quicksilver Storm into grenade launcher mode.

Malicious Touch – Kinetic Scout Rifle

Menacing Breathing Touch of Malicious Exotic Scout Rifle Decorations in Destiny 2: Season of Pillage

Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Touch of Malice Scout Rifle is currently not visible in the collection, so its perk cannot be seen in the game. It will come from King’s Fall as it was in its original destiny.

Through, Guardians can see the new Malicious Touch perks.Its main exotics are Malicious Touch, which causes the last round to drain the user’s health in exchange for extra damage.Intrinsic benefits are filled with blight, which causes a precision hit to drain the enemy’s health and charge a dark orb that you can fire with the alternate weapon action. Ball blind and goals.

Fallen Sunstar – Warlock Helm

Exotic menu for the Fallen Sunstar Warlock Helm in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder

Image: Bungie via Polygon

The new Warlock Helmet, Fallen Sunstar, is from the Solo, Daily Rotation Lost Zone.

It’s exotic ionic conductor, which will make your ion traces move faster and provide more ability energy. When you collect Ionic Traces, nearby allies also gain Ability Power.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk – Hunter’s Breastplate

Destiny 2: Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Exotic Hunter Chest in Season of Pillage

Image: Bungie via Polygon

The new Hunter Chest, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, is from a separate, daily recurring Lost Zone.

It’s exotic see me, feel me, which grants you bonus weapon damage after emerging from stealth. If you kill an enemy while stealthed, you and nearby allies gain an over-reserved shield and improved class ability regeneration. You can activate reserve shields using your class abilities.

Point Contact Cannon Mount – Titan Weapon

Point-Contact Cannons Support Titan Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2: Season of Pillage

Image: Bungie via Polygon

New Titan weapon point contact cannon mounts from the separate, daily rotating Lost Sector.

It’s exotic hammer of the gods, which restores melee energy to targets defeated by your Thunder Clap melee. While you charge your Thunderclap, enemies near you will be struck by lightning.

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