Warhammer 40K Rumors: Hello and Goodbye Astral

There’s a new set of Astral Army rumors circulating – some units say hello, some old units say goodbye!

The 8th and 9th editions of the IG are a shame. Abe has been grief-stricken for years. But apparently at the end of the 9th or final Codex, it may only be a matter of time before some Astral Army rumors start to circulate.

This is the latest.


We have the first three batches and one more to catch up. The first 3 articles have been carefully sorted out at B&C.

batch 1 (April 2022)

These are from Valrek, about a month old:

  • Plastic/Recast Kasrkin
  • Dorne (a tank) is stout and has a lot of weapons (but can still be renamed!)
  • A new infantry outfit that moves to a more “veteran” theme, kind of like “The Last Son of Cadia”
  • new command team
  • New heavy weapon group
  • The new Sentinel, will be “Cawl-ified”, aka better technology?
  • New Headquarters/Commissar/General

batch 2 (April 2022)

These are from a simple warhammer from a playtester (He was right on several codexes before, including Aeldari)

  • Rogal Dorn Tank will be Toughness 9, maybe 15/16 wound
  • Tank Commanders BS 4+, but the Leman Russ turret will add a hit and can fire in combat
  • Deathstrikes has improved esp launch mechanics, deals 3D3 mortal wounds to everything within 6″, and can fire 3 missiles
  • kriging in the code

batch 3 (April 2022)

These are from Reddit

  • There’s a new Lord Sora in the books, and what will he be riding…

Batch 4 (new!)

These are from GSC Discord (via B&C)

  • Veteran Squads and Special Weapons Squads are gone from the books, and Infantry Squads can’t use heavy weapons but get a second Special Weapons slot.
  • You won’t be running pure cadians (of course you can) You will be able to mix and match different legions into one unit.
  • Your army bonus doesn’t care that half is Catachan and the other half is Krieg, you still get your army to rule.
  • The only benefit of running is that a unit of Catachan is using strategies like “Vicious Traps”
  • Costs X during the enemy charge phase cp When a unit is charged and in terrain, roll d6 +1 if unit is catachan or guerrilla +1 if unit has molten mines +1 if cunning Mabo is on the battlefield
    • Enemy units suffer d3 mortal wounds at 2-5, and 2d3 mortal wounds at 6+
  • Command Squad is now HQ
  • you don’t let individual characters lead
  • Field Regulations Battery Selection
    • bomb field gun
    • Heavy Laser Cannon
    • Mallus rocket launcher
  • Scions range is now 24″, get Legion bonuses, and 6 extra hits


It feels like a bunch of rule details. But what’s interesting is the addition of three new “field ordinance battery options”. Combined with the new tanks listed in earlier rumours, GW seems to be really pushing the Astral as a “heavy vehicle/gun” type army rather than an infantry horde route. The loss of veterans and special weapons squads feels like the recent “no models, no rules” trend is striking again.

Overall, this feels like a bunch of rumours, simplifying the Army’s early days, always overcomplicated in the face of how lame a single model is, while opening up lots of new kits for heavy firepower to repel the bad guys. It’s a nice big-picture concept for probably the weakest army in the game. I have no problem with positioning the Astral Army as the “most powerful” faction.

If there’s any army in desperate need of a complete overhaul – it’s the Astral Army!


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