15 years ago, 2K’s Bioshock took the world by storm

Cover art for BioShock 2 featuring Big Daddy and Little Sister.

picture: 2K Marlin/2K

For people who play video games, 2007 is usually considered one of the best years medium.It’s been a big year: Microsoft has repression and Halo 3, Nintendo took it Super Mario to the galaxy, call-of-duty Open up the world by going modern, etc.Can’t underestimate that year just kick ass For gaming, at the top was 2K Games’ bioshock, As of today, it is 15 years old.

Developed by 2K Boston (later Irrational Games) and the now-defunct 2K Australia, and directed and written by Boston’s Ken Levine, Bioshock A first-person shooter from the 1960s. After surviving a plane crash, protagonist Jack discovers the underwater city of Rapture, a haven for the social elite built by its creator, business magnate Andrew Ryan. The city is a perfect utopia, but once a gene-altering substance called ADAM is discovered, it all comes to nothing.

Through the use of serums called “plasmids,” everyone in the city gains superpowers. So a class war ensues: On the one hand, Ryan orders his superman, the big dad in a diving suit, to protect the young girls known as the little sisters as they harvest Adam from the corpse. On the other side was Atlas, who persuaded the now impoverished citizens of Rapture to rise up against Ryan, with both parties using plasmid-wielding citizens known as Splicers to start skirmishes across the city.

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picture: Irrational Games/2K

Originally exclusive to Xbox 360 and Windows, Bioshock well received, especially for its ambience and narrative, which incorporates ideas from writer George Orwell and most famous philosopher Ayn Rand. By the end of its first month, it had sold 490,000 copies, and by March 2010, it had sold 4 million copies on all systems. (Ported to PlayStation 3 and Mac in 2008 and 2009, respectively.)

For a time, the Bioshock craze swept the entire industry. It was included in the Smithsonian’s video game art exhibit and has been hailed as one of the best games ever made.together with the original Mass Effect and in 2008 weave, The game is used as an example when arguing about the value of video games as an art form.It spawned two sequels: 2010 Bioshock 2 From 2K Marin is a direct sequel, in which players take control of a big dad named Sigma ten years after the original game, gaining the ability to use Plasmids and find his missing little sister. in turn, endless Starring returning irrational private detective Booker DeWitt in 1912’s effort to transport a reality-bending Elizabeth Comstock out of the sky city of Columbia.Both games will get narrative DLC, but it’s endless This explicitly ties it to the original game’s story.

In the years since Bioshock Be quiet and have struggled to try the same narrative climax as the first game, except for 2K and Levine.You can see its bones in other games like Naughty Dog our last man, machine game Wolfenstein Reboot and then Arkane prey or shame Not much effort. (endless It’s technically the first dad game since it’s only been released a few months from the original last survivor.) cyberpunk 2077, Arguably it has better combat and immersive simulation elements bioshock, There’s a period of shooters in there.You could even argue something like Disco Elysium or Citizen Sleeper also affected by it.

The image of the article titled Bioshock is ubiquitous in the game, but not everywhere in the game

picture: 2K games

But for the franchise itself, it’s currently just…exist. Part of the problem is the lack of follow-up: Item 4 It’s said to be in the works, but with development issues plaguing the series, it feels more like an idea than reality.Although he left the series after 2013, Ken Levine has been unable to Publish the game within the past nine years.All that’s left for fans to do is replay old games and maybe discuss how time is treated Especially the sequel. Netflix has plans Make the first game into a movie, what was originally on the card Back in 2008, But it remains to be seen whether streaming will actually be able to pull this off.But the real problem is Bioshock In the future, if it even has one, what else could it bring that the original trilogy didn’t cover?

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