Metal Gear Solid VR Mod Makes Everything About This Series Amazing

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I can’t think of anything better than an immersive VR experience Metal Gear Solid, a video game series that is often about simulation, discernment, and literal virtual reality.Now, thanks to a modder inspired by game lovers, you can experience the first three major areas of 1998 Metal Gear Solid (and a few other fun surprises) myself in VR.

This”metal gear mods,” created by modder Holydh, combining the style and aesthetics of the first MGS Adventure with highly technical, very realistic physics and advanced virtual body simulation of popular VR games Bone Engineering. Although right now Holydh’s mod only recreates the first three areas of the game, it’s a pretty strong proof of concept to experience just how cool it is Metal Gear Solid in real VR.

VR mod brings Shadow Moses to life

It also fits.The game has never been exactly the same since then Metal Gear Solid The original PlayStation was launched in 1998. While its groundbreaking stealth gameplay evolved from two 2D entries prior to the MSX 2 computer, Metal Gear Solid Broadens the storyline and themes of the series. Seemingly standard Hollywood-style spy thrillers give way to twisted narratives about truth, deception, genetics, advanced technology and government conspiracy.

As it happens, VR is both a staple of its world and gameplay, Metal Gear Solid Many of its sequels allow players to train in simulated “VR” environments that echo your experience in the main game.These maps provide a focused experience Metal Gear Solid‘s stealth game loop challenges you with time trials set in a stylized visual representation “inside” the computer. VR is also frequently mentioned in actual narratives, and it is the subject of debate about its effect on one’s sense of reality.

Metal Gearof famous director Hideo Kojimaalso often referred to as Toys with what players expect. When promoting Metal Gear Solid Vhe even hired an actor to play a fake game developer who provided bizarre interviews on behalf of a fictional game studio. MGSVby the way, then continue to let you Question the concept of “identity”. If there’s a series designed to make you question reality, it’s Metal Gear Solid.

GIF: Holydh / Zero Pressure / Konami / Kotaku

Enter Holydh’s “Metal Gear Mod” Bone Engineeringa VR game with its rather complex physics and very Web portals– A stylized narrative atmosphere throughout its event and overall Metal Gear Solid, Bone Engineering Also plays with the subject of virtual reality and experiments run by robots that are beyond your immediate comprehension, so while the VR title offers a rich physical palette of game mechanics, you can play Metal Gear SolidThe Shadow of Moses Island, which resonates thematically Bone Engineering‘ His own narrative also gave way to doubts about what was going on in his surroundings.

After playing this mod until late last night, I’ll tell you, I’m still chilling with my experience.Walking around in the opening map feels surreal Metal Gear Solid In my own first-person body, the full original graphics presentation is almost intact.first environment MGS I played it countless times when I was a kid, and it was deeply etched in my mind. But the obvious novelty of sneaking in vents and corners, engaging in gunfights with genomic soldiers, and gazing at the towering Metal Gear Solid Rex (which is parked in the “museum” area of ​​the model) is always in the back of my mind with textual quotes emphasize. Games themselves are about real and simulated environments, and where society might go once the technology matures enough to fool us.

I just want to quote a quote from the 2008 character Eva Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Emphasize everything here:

Today, anyone with a computer can receive combat training. These kids’ favorite FPS games are distributed for free by these companies. Of course, this is all just virtual training. They are easily drawn to these war games. Before they knew it, they had real guns in the PMC. These kids end up fighting in proxy wars that have nothing to do with their own lives. They think it’s cool to fight like this. They think fighting is life. They don’t need a reason to fight. After all, it’s just a game for them.

and small house, Holydh describes the experience as “awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time” based on a series of VR mods that often focus on technology manipulating our sense of reality.Holiday’s first exposure to Kojima’s Stealth series was in 1998 Metal Gear Solid, which remains his favorite entry. “I play games a bit like reading,” he said, “just to immerse myself in an atmosphere. VR is just incredible in that regard.”

GIF: Holydh / Zero Pressure / Konami / Kotaku

The details of the mod itself were made in the original code, but Hollid describes the work as building on the efforts of passionate modders and digital archaeologists who combed through the original game to a new level of detail never seen before. ways to bring these environments to life. The work goes back more than a decade, Holliday said. “I’m like the little guy on the shoulders of giants. … I met [fellow Metal Gear Solid modder Vapor_Cephalopod] and started actually creating my mod over a year ago. But I didn’t really start working on it until late last year. He added that the mod has become a “great hobby” that he does almost every day.

Options to recreate the space Metal Gear Solid Kind of creepy considering the game’s direct sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Libertyrevealing that the events of the first game were sampled and simulated to help train its protagonist. MGS2 The protagonist Raiden said that he more or less “played” MGS as part of his VR combat training. MGS2 Calling an actual game you’ve probably played yourself a possible simulation is just one of its many moments when it breaks the fourth wall. So playing this Shadow Moses Island VR game feels weird, like it’s said to exist in the novels in the series.

walk around inside Metal Gear SolidShadow Moses in VR feels with Metal Gear Solid 2, which is not lost in Holliday. The mod is primarily a passion project for him, allowing him and others to jump into one of the most recognizable environments in the game, but he often thinks about the “meta” of his work. In a sense, his VR mods are like the glue that holds the first game together with the second.

“I think about it every now and then,” he said. “I’m closing the loop.”

For all the brain travel this mod inspired, it’s still not a full need to Bone Engineering By itself, you have to go through some mod installation maze to get everything working. That’s why, in addition to adding more playable areas, Holydh wants to repackage his mod as a standalone experience. However, with the current project, it takes a bit of patience to get everything going.

Once everything is sorted, you’ll appear in the room where Solid Snake fought Psycho Mantis. Here, you can choose to jump to the start of the classic campaign, or enter a “museum” that showcases a variety of recreated assets from the game, including Metal Gear Solid Rex and many character models and items. There’s even entertainment in the submarine area at the beginning of the game, usually only visible through cutscenes. It was a joy to be able to get up close and personal with such classic characters and environments.

GIF: Holydh / Zero Pressure / Konami / Kotaku

After the tour, selecting “Campaign” will trigger the secret door in the room, which will lead you to a duel with the sniper wolf in the main game. Here, it takes you to the beginning of the game, Snake’s first encounter with Shadow Moses.

Currently, the only playable areas are the open crate/lift area, the outdoor helipad, and the double-decker interior tank hangar. You can use elevators, find guns and ammo around the map, sneak past cameras and guards, and engage in shootouts with SOCOM pistols, suppressed while sneaking or disarmed at full volume and chaos.

Unstable enemy AI, and tricks for navigating certain spaces (I might have nightmares right now, falling to my death from a ladder attached to Metal Gear Rex), keep Bone Engineering The “Metal Gear mod” feels like a full game from now on. There are some interesting findings in the environment, though. Hard to get every time, but you can knock enemies off their heads or even strangle them? I’m not sure about the last one.Between the love of detail and narrative resonance, this fun experience resonates with the real game and feels like it’s real Metal Gear experience.

Here I am, standing in unreal spaces, even though my brain feels as though they have some kind of reality to them. How could I not miss Snake’s comment on Raiden that VR can play with your sense of reality?How many times I can’t think of it Metal Gear Game questions why I found sim gunfights, violence and death pleasure? Is it because I enjoy all the killing? why is that?

While this mod certainly doesn’t have the answers to these questions, it does lead me down a rabbit hole of riddles and meta-perspectives Metal Gear Solid Much loved. The last entry in the main series was seven years agoand Its future is uncertain at bestI’ve given up hope that I can relive those classic brain teasers that the series loves to pull, but this VR mod got me there in a way that I thought the updated official game couldn’t actually do. For all about “metaverse“and the way we’re trying Giving meaning to digital worlds and objectsThis Bone Engineering The “Metal Gear mod” shows that such a thing is possible, if not a little scary.

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