Cadex Introduces the 50 Ultra Disc Wheelsystem: New Ultralight Aero Wheel

Cadex is a brand owned by Giant, but the new Cadex 50 Ultra Disc Wheelset is not a Giant’s own branded wheelset. Although we’ve discussed it in the past, Cadex is a brand that dates back to the mid-’80s. At the time, Giant was looking to build carbon fiber bike frames, and it needed a team that could free itself from the realities of day-to-day business.

Giants need a moon landing team, and Cadex is the answer to that need. Then the brand disappeared until 2019. There’s a series of wheels this time around, but the mission statement hasn’t changed. In their own words, “CADEX is the quest for what many thought was impossible or even impossible.” As the lineup expanded from its original version, it continued to mean surprisingly light and highly aerodynamic.

Cadex wheels are one of our favorites and we’ve included 65mm depth on our list The best road bike wheelsSo far, while the brand’s lineup has had holes in its most popular modern depths, today’s launch is changing that. The Cadex 50 Ultra Disc Wheelsystem represents an extension of the available wheel depth. It brings to market the latest aerodynamic tricks and new aerodynamically optimized tires to form a complete wheel system.

Cadex Aero Tubeless Tire

New Cadex aerodynamic tires are the basis for the new wheel system. (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Cadex Aero Tubeless Tires

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