Elden Ring players prove faith-building rules with one-hit kills


Eldon RingThe Faith stats are pretty flexible, especially since developer FromSoftware has put so many spells and spells into the game.Still, it tends to be rarely used At a high level, as a YouTuber your regular player put it in the email Kotaku Network, people claim it is Not as good as other in-game stats like defining healthy vitality. To prove the masses wrong, your average player takes their fervent belief in the faith and puts it to the test.Not only did they take on the highest difficulty possible, but they absolutely destroyed all kinds of bosses, including things like Radagon and Elden Beast, in an attack. It’s crazy!

Matthew “Your Average Gamer” Farnkopf is a YouTuber who Eldon Ring put up. ” they have Video about destroying Malenia in 90 seconds, Another undermines the effectiveness of grafter Godric’s axeand Different final state effect builds. In short, Matt spent a lot of time and Eldon Ring Since the fall on Feb. 25.However, it’s still worth noting they were able to find a single shot Build powerful enough to take down two of the toughest bosses in the game, Ladagon of the Golden Order and ancient beastwith a variety of gear and spells in New Game Plus 7, the most difficult option Eldon Ring Currently available. Each new round of the game retains all your gear and stats while increasing the overall damage output and health pool of enemies around you, meaning your average player run is some pretty rough shit.

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It looks like Matt is just throwing things during fights, but actually the madness is in order.like them Explaining what they call “the ultimate PvE build” in a short video, Matt’s first pitch Howl of Sabriri and golden oath Some spells with initial status effects, respectively, are the crazy accumulation of attack power and attack nullification.They then poison themselves to increase their intelligence stat and temporarily increase lightning attack damage, which is The only attack spell Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strikeabilities you discover later in the game Labyrinthine Legacy Dungeon Shaky Farum Azura. After a quick buffing session, Matt turned to their gear for more buffs—Gravel Seal increases the damage of Dragon Cult/Lightning related spells, Jellyfish Shield increases damage by 20% for 30 secondsand Rotting Blood’s Ecstasy Amulet, when there is poison or rot nearby, increase attack power by 20% for 20 secondsWait – show the final boss what’s going on before entering the battle arena.

Once Matt walks up to Ladagon, it’s the curtain. They unleashed the Ancient Dragon Thunder Clap, a multi-attack that sent bolts of lightning that hit a defined area, watching the hammer-wielding deity’s health bar disappear within seconds.The same thing happened to the giant Elden Beast, y’all, I am gagging Registered Nurse.

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Matt told small house Via email, they hope to dispel the myth of “faith” in the gaming community [builds aren’t] Almost as good as magic. It took them “nearly 20 hours of trial and error” to find the right combination of gear and spells to deal the necessary damage with a single kill of Radagon and Elden Beast, and the results were amazing.

“My main inspiration was to prove that what many thought could not be done can actually be done…even in the most difficult circumstances,” Matt said. “As I made it on my third journey, it made me hope it was technically possible. Proving once again how powerful faith can be!”

Matt, to put it bluntly, loves faith.It’s one of their favorite stats for building characters, and a central theme throughout the gameStill, getting things just right to accomplish this feat was quite a headache, forcing them to “split twice” as it became so time-consuming.Despite the frustration, Matt said they were ‘happy [to have] Finally persevered.

“So I’m physically disabled,” Matt said. “I have ongoing daily stomach problems that sometimes become/have become severe. I just got over a flare-up of colitis and I had to go to the ER for treatment. After failing multiple times within a few hours, I found myself There might be a flare up again. So I relaxed and calmed myself down and took time out. From then on, I set a time when I would do it and totally freed myself from the stress. When I said ‘Okay, what if The moment someone else does it’, I can relax. Soon after, I can do it no matter what!”

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one hit kill Eldon Ring Impressive, but not entirely new.Have One Redditor Killed Notorious Tree Sentinel in One Hit Back in April and Another speed runner, who in May created a glass cannon build that knocks down bosses with a single swing of a hammer. While it may not be all that new, one-shot kills of FromSoftware’s notoriously challenging enemies are still a cool sight. I hope I have enough patience to do this.

when Matt was beaten Eldon Ring Several times now, he hasn’t finished the game.They want FromSoftware to “very challenging bosses like Dark Souls 3DLC” or “another one that will test our late game peak again”. Until then, Matt hikes through the Lands Between again, looking for new buildings to experiment with.

“I’ve retired the Lightning build/role,” Matt said. “He’s a legacy to me now. I’m starting a whole new build and I’m going to focus on exploring and the next cool build I can come up with. Eldon Ring It’s a great game and the community is great too! And remember “Look for lightning!”

It is worth noting that although FromSoftware Removed patch 1.06 for the game, Matt says their ultimate PvE build still works against the game’s bosses. If you’d like to try the full version of Matt for yourself, click here:

  • Gravel Stamp or Gold Step Stamp
  • Jellyfish Shield
  • mushroom crown
  • stinky pot
  • Neutralizing pill
  • Blood Sword damages health
  • godfrey icon
  • Lightning Scorpion Amulet
  • Roy’s ecstatic blood
  • Red Feathered Sword
  • Ancient Prayer Book (for spells)
  • Lightning shrouds split tears
  • Crystal Tears of Wisdom
  • Howl of Shabriri Spell
  • Golden Vows

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