On the left is JWST's CEERS-DSFG-1 image with sub-millimeter observations from NOEMA as contour lines. On the right is how CEERS-DSFG-1 appears in the JWST when passed through different filters, undetectable in the shorter wavelength filter but becoming more pronounced in the redder filter.

James Webb Space Telescope captures ‘impostor’ galaxy on the spot

Dusty star-forming galaxies that existed a billion years after the Big Bang could be disguised as record-breaking galaxies discovered by NASA’s new space telescope, thought to date back even further.

In the weeks since the first scientific data from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was released, astronomers have been reporting A steady stream Farther than any candidate galaxy seen before NASA’s flagship space telescope was launched.If the measurements are correct, these galaxies exist after only 20-300 million years big Bangbut now two separate teams of astronomers have questioned at least some of them.

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