Forgotten trailer gets rough response online

So let me get straight to the point. The place I’m in is not what I call the Eurogamer office. I see my name is printed on the website. And… oh yes, I’m writing a meme roundup for Eurogamer. Yes, that’s what I do now.

Sorry, I can’t resist. The latest Forspoken trailer does ask for it, though.

The last time Forspoken made headlines was when its release date was pushed back from October 11 this year to January 24, 2023. It’s back, albeit this time for lighter reasons.

Forspoken game trailer shown at State of Play in March 2022.

A teaser trailer posted on Forspoken’s Twitter account this week raised eyebrows. It’s meant to tell us more about the gameplay and the main character, Frey Holland. Instead, it manages to make you cringe, thanks to dialogue on some gameplay. It’s been widely dunked, watch it for yourself if you still don’t understand why.

Not surprisingly, the replies to the trailer were pretty savage.

Then there is a separate bake level – imitation. If you want to imagine your favorite character conversing with Joss Whedon’s playful dialogue style, look no further.

Good hunters will find themselves in a place that is not what they call the sober world.

Crash Bandicoot joins his signature wah.

It’s a dramatic reading of Superman, as if Tony Hawk was actually Tony Stark.

Even more surprising, this is not one of the lines in Silent Hill 2.

The ace lawyers are prime fodder for this dumbfounded reaction.

ProZD showed off his acting prowess by adding Mario, Isabelle, and Monokuma to his voice-over reels.

Solid Snake has the most surreal experience of all. Talk to anime fans.

Just an ordinary day for Kiryu-chan in Kamurocho.

Talk about the realm of rebirth.

Finally, Eurogamer’s mandatory contribution to the meme-train comes from our own Chris Tapsell.

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