Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s title update 1 is out tomorrow, here are the patch notes

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak just had its first official broadcast, detailing everything in the game’s first title update.We now know the update is coming tomorrow, August 10th, and brings a ton of new quests, monsters, and new system elements

Previously, we knew that Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse would make their debut in the first update, but two other monsters – Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos from Monster Hunter: World – will be joining. Capcom also shared the patch notes for tomorrow’s update, which includes a new randomly generated mission called Anomaly Investigation, new gear, new modes, and more.

To see the many additions to patch v.11.0.1, check out the trailer at the top, then check out Capcom’s full update here. Note that this is a huge list of tweaks and additions.

Note that you will need to purchase Sunbreak and download the update to access most of the content here.We marked items with an asterisk

For updates that don’t require extensions

Patch v.11.0.1, August 10, 2022

  • new story elements
  • New monsters have been added and will appear in Gathering Center quests.
  • New tormented monsters have been added to the game.
  • Added new missions.
  • Added a new quest system anomaly investigation. Anomaly investigations will be available after completing the main story and further in the game.
  • Added a new locale: Forlorn Arena.
  • Added new weapons, armor, tiered gear and skills.
  • Added new facilities related to anomaly investigations.

Qurious Crafting is now available as a new feature in Blacksmithing.

  • new system elements
  • Added new Guild Cards page, rewards and titles.
  • Two new voice times have been added to the auto shoutout: “When the monster is appeased” and “When the monster is delirious”.
  • You can now choose a hero badge that will appear next to your hunter name. *

Added a new option: “Hunter Connect Invitation Settings”. *

Bug fixes and balance tweaks


  • hunter Power Sheath (Great Sword):
  • Fixed an issue where Power Sheathe would not apply its buff if you dodged too quickly after a move with left or right input. Harvest Moon (Long Sword):
  • Fixed Harvest Moon not properly deactivating after your weapon is sheathed due to an abnormal state (by performing an evasion as soon as you recover from the state). Harvest Moon (Long Sword):
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvest Moon would not deactivate after transitioning to the Dragon Ride state. Precognition Slash (Long Sword):
  • Fixed an issue where Prediction would not link to the Divine Sheath combo after performing a move using the Spirit Gauge and failing to counterattack. Sword and Shield:
  • When making move inputs during guards or at the beginning, there is a slightly longer delay before the character’s orientation changes, which makes it easier to backstep in these situations. Charging Blade:
  • Fixed the Rapid Morph skill effect not triggering when using Axe: Smash from a sheath. Charge Blade – Air Dash:
  • Fixed an issue where the Air Dash action would be canceled early if the action was used on a ledge (or if you were already in mid-air when the worm animation started). Charge Blade – Super Elemental Discharge (Shock Bottles Only):
  • Fixed an issue where the slam portion of an attack would not apply the weapon’s elemental or status effect cumulative value. Insect Blade:
  • Fixed an issue where if the Kinsect was fired at a monster that was changing areas, the Kinsect would stop where the monster was moving the first time it was fired. Awakened Kinsect Attack (Insect Blade):
  • Fixed an issue where players could be locked into the Switch Skill’s animation and unable to move after performing an auto-attack immediately after Kinsect uses the Switch Skill. Light Bows – Elemental Loading:
  • Fixed an issue where the reload speed would not be correctly reflected on the player’s equipment information when the base was equipped with this ability. Light Bows – Fan Maneuver:
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s orientation would change to the same directional input used when performing a fan maneuver immediately after switching a skill swap. Light Bows – Deadly Fire:
  • Fixed an issue where the recoil reduction would not be correctly reflected in the player’s equipment information when the base was equipped with the ability. Bow-Bolt Booster:
  • Fixed an issue where the Gunner Aim Assist option would not work correctly for Super Critical Range aiming when using Bolt Boost. Grinder(S):

Fixed an issue where the length of the original boost could inadvertently be overwritten by the shorter boost effect when the sharpness boost was activated when you already had a previously activated boost.

  • buddy
  • Fixed an issue where in multiplayer you could end up with more active kittens than expected.

Fixed an issue where Buddies would sometimes stagger at the start of a turf battle for certain monsters.

  • follower

Fixed an issue that prevented followers from successfully Wyvern Riding on monsters in other areas and returning to the player.

  • monster
  • Fixed an issue where some beam or laser shaped attacks could pass through walls and other obstacles. Almudelon:
  • Adjusted an issue where the Almudron would unnaturally sink into the ground when collapsing near a ledge. Magma Almudelon:
  • Fixed an issue where players or friends could sometimes disappear when breaking rocks made by the magma Almudron during combat. Narga Kuga:
  • Fixed some of Nargacuga’s attacks that were supposed to trigger mountable states in other mobs not working as expected. Water Chang:
  • Fixed an issue where Mizutsune would sometimes keep moving towards walls in jungle areas. Lackner-Kadaki:
  • Fixed an issue where Rakna-Kadaki might not be able to leave the locale in some parts of the Lava Cave locale. Rajang:
  • Fixed an issue where Rajang might not be able to leave the locale in some parts of the Citadel locale. Marzeno:
  • Fixed an issue where some of Malzeno’s attack effects were not displaying as expected. Puke Puke:
  • Fixed an issue where Pukei-Pukei would not drop items when locked by a puppet spider during certain moves. Kusala Dhara:
  • Fixed an issue where Wind Pressure Response would trigger visually even if it was not functionally triggered. chameleon:
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Chameleons would sometimes not behave as expected when affected by a flash.

Fixed an issue where dropped monster materials would disappear after activating a certain amount of monster materials at a time.

  • dragon riding

Fixed an issue where some dragon riding attacks could damage other players.

locale and environment

  • Locales
  • Fixed an issue where flying dragon mounted monsters could cause monsters to hit the wall in certain areas of the jungle area where there was not actually a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in certain parts of the Jungle Area Sector 3.

Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the branches of a large tree in the center of the jungle area.

  • local life Puppet Spider:
  • You will no longer lose the puppet spider if you can’t pull the monster towards you. Puppet Spider:
  • You can no longer drop a puppet spider while you are using it.Nintendo switch

: Fixed an issue where audio would break the next time you get Wirebug or Morphed Wirebug effects gone if you unplug headphones or otherwise change sound output while playing.

Base and facilities

  • facility MP booster:
  • Changed the input required to use MP Accelerant to make it more convenient.
  • Locked talismans will now all focus on the bottom when fused in a furnace. Nintendo Switch:
  • It is now possible to change pages on the furnace’s material selection screen by holding down the L and R buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where Rathian Cortex materials could be obtained from Master Rathalos in Cat Expedition.
  • Fixed an issue where the equipped skill display would disappear when using a compare outfit on a weapon after uncomparing it on an armor with 6 or more armor skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the sorting order of item boxes for the Sun Spring Carp and Locked Chests was inconsistent.
  • Fixed an issue in the cafeteria where selecting the group immediately after selecting another dumpling could trigger a different food skill than the rabbit dumpling group.
  • Fixed not being able to move the preview camera when adjusting hue, saturation or contrast when changing paint on armor and layered armor.

Fixed an issue where certain inputs could change the results of anima and reincarnation fusion.

Different kinds

  • Task Added bonus money, hunter level points and master level points despised magnumaro
  • Task.
  • Unobtainable rewards from optional sub-quests (due to the max total of these rewards) are now automatically sold.
  • Fixed being able to join a quest higher than your own maximum unlocked level when responding to a join request for levels A1★ to A4★ using the random option.

Fixed an issue where the game screen would not return to normal after blackout in some cutscenes in multiplayer.

  • equipment
  • Fixed multiple upgrades of Secta Du White requiring the same material.
    F Khezu Whaccine X’s stats have been adjusted to the following: (forward)
    Melee Attack: 195 — Ranged Attack: 215 — Elemental Attack: 23 — Damage Type: Sever (back)
  • Melee Attack: 200 — Ranged Attack: 230 — Elemental Attack: 21 — Damage Type: Blunt
    C Khezu Arma X’s stats have been adjusted to the following: (forward)
    Melee Attack: 195 — Ranged Attack: 215 — Elemental Attack: 23 — Damage Type: Sever (back)
  • Melee Attack: 200 — Ranged Attack: 230 — Elemental Attack: 21 — Damage Type: Blunt

Fixed an issue where Gorilla’s crafting material type was classified as MR Bishaten instead of MR Blood Orange Bishaten.

  • project Great Elder Dragon Gem:

Now 18,000 zenny instead of 12,000z.

  • menu
  • Fixed an issue where the reward page for other players’ guild cards sometimes would not update correctly.

Fixed an issue where certain skill effects were not correctly reflected in the equipment status registered to the equipment loadout.

  • Options long sword Silk Bound Sakura Slash now affected Player hit effect and Other player hit effect
  • options. This Flying Dragon Ride Button
  • Options can no longer be changed within a task.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio volume changed more than expected after changing the volume in the options.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rachnoid icon in the quest results screen would sometimes appear as the Felyne icon.
  • Fixed various text errors.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

Well, we pass these! For free updates, that’s a big gun.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Roadmap

Image: Capcom

We don’t have an exact date for tomorrow’s update, so keep an eye out and get ready for another new batch of hunts with your friends!

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