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Sony’s announcement of plans to release first-party games on PC shocked the entire system.not because of seeing one Mars Publishing on Steam is weird — it’s already happening — but as the company looks to really push publishing on the platform, from a sporadic few high-profile games to A third or more of PlayStation’s portfolio will arrive in 2025. Essentially, PC fans are going to get a ton of great Sony games in the near future.This of course includes the upcoming Spider-Man Remakewhich proved to be a solid port of one of Insomniac’s best games.

First released on PlayStation 4 in 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man awesome. Following the exploits of seasoned Peter Parker, fans are able to experience an exciting (if a bit bloated) episode in which Peter’s personal life nicely complicates and raises the stakes on his responsibilities as a superhero. An early bout with Kim Byeong leads to an encounter with a group called the Demons. The explosions and one-liners ensued. It wasn’t long before Peter and several other characters got involved in a grand conspiracy that culminated in the creation of the Evil Six. good time.

Close-up of Doc Ock with street details reflected in his goggles.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Spider-Man Remake is the definitive version of this popular action-adventure game. Released on PS5 in 2020, it presents the same plot, the same great combat mechanics, some nice accessibility features, and the best network swing in the game. It also includes new and previously released DLC as well as a nifty new coating; fans can play in 4K fidelity mode (which runs at 30 fps but offers enhanced lighting effects and ray tracing) or performance mode (which offers a solid 60 fps Dynamic Resolution) around New York. Recently, an improved performance mode was added that allows for ray tracing by adjusting the game’s resolution, reflection quality, and more.

All of this translates into an improved version of a very good game. The same can be said for the August 12 launch of the PC port, as it offers more visual enhancements. We’re talking about performance-boosted NVIDIA DLSS, support for different screen settings, unlocked frame rates, and more.Players need to have the proper gear to run spiderman At higher settings, there are a few issues that need to be addressed to make this version worthy of a full recommendation. That being said, Peter Parker has never looked better.

For those of you who haven’t played the original game yet, let’s talk about what you get out of it no matter which version you play. spidermanImpressive voice acting and solid world-building reinforce his narrative. The streets of New York are full of life, with pedestrians starting their businesses, only to be interrupted by a car chase or someone robbing a convenience store. Intervene, some bystanders may cheer or ask for a selfie. Others may be annoyed that you meet criminals while trying to catch them. No matter what, all your actions will be remembered. If it weren’t for John Jonah Jameson’s reminder of how you let the rhino flee, the city’s inevitable destruction would reflect your most recent battle.

Spider-Man clings to a wall showing accessibility settings on-screen, including

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Of course, there are the usual open world “requirements”. A visit to the Lookout Tower will bring the map to any number of extracurricular activities within a given area. That said, because of how awesome it feels to be Spider-Man, most of what’s available is fun. This is especially true when it comes to more action-oriented segments. Spiderlings are proficient in combat, easily bouncing between opponents, juggling them in the air, and weaving them to lampposts. Certain enemies—such as shield-carrying thugs or soldiers with rocket packs—may require different moves to defeat. do not worry. A good list of unlockable skills and gadgets supports the already decent mobile setup. Thanks to his Spidey Sense, you can dodge incoming attacks by pressing buttons at the right time.

fight in spiderman It can be challenging at times. If you fail to use stealth against a large number of enemies, or decide to go unprepared for some tougher wave-based encounters, you may find yourself starting over from the previous checkpoint. None of these encounters would feel unfair, though. Instead, they’re almost always fun thanks to the combat mechanics and responsive controls.

When you don’t slap bad guys in the face like Spiderman, you dodge them like MJ or Miles Morales. You’ll hide behind things, knock over objects, or hack devices to lure guards out of an area, usually at key story moments. These stealth sections aren’t as engaging as one would like them to be, but they do help space out near-constant battles.

Spider-Man jumped down a street in broad daylight, with the sky reflected in the windows of a nearby police station.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

We could spend the whole day explaining why Marvel’s Spider-Man was the best superhero game when it launched (its follow-up, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or even better) by detailing its plot and various game mechanics. Just know that no matter the platform, it’s still a blast. Shifting focus back to this remastered PC port, let’s talk about the visuals. The game looks fantastic. Running it at 2K and 60fps is a breeze.With NIVIDA DLSS turned on, the framerate may drop when swinging in the city, down to 56fps, but in most cases spiderman Stay at 60 or above.

Turning on HDR resulted in darker and richer colors as I tinkered with the settings further. This mode can be adjusted to reduce the glow of strong lights, etc. Keeping most settings high, cranking up everywhere (eg texture quality/increasing ambient occlusion from SSAO to HBAO+), mostly works fine. Unfortunately when I try to use ray tracing this is not the case.

On the one hand, it is not advisable to place ray tracing very high. spiderman 10GB of VRAM is required, and my NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti only has 8GB; I can take screenshots while standing, but trying to move anywhere crashes the game. That was my fault, not the game’s. However, even at lower settings, I really can’t get ray tracing to work. My frame rate drops to around 40fps in the middle and 30fps in the high. There can also be image noise or artifacts around really distracting objects.

At dusk, Spider-Man overlooks Manhattan from high above the building.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

To be fair, build Spider-Man Remake I’m not testing the final version. DLSS is not fully optimized, AMD GPUs temporarily disable ray tracing, etc. That said, optimization work is underway; a few patches were released prior to release that address most of these issues. I also have to think about my PC build. While my GPU is great, I’m currently using an 8th Gen Intel processor and waiting for an upcoming upgrade.

All in all, I can say this spiderman Works very well. The work done to minimize ray tracing memory requirements and optimize frame rates at all settings will help alleviate what may be the only issues with the game; I’ve noticed some audio sync issues and input options are invalid when trying to adjust settings Black screen, but these issues have been fixed in the patch. The real win is in the game’s adjustability in terms of settings. Just enough stuff can be moved around to make what’s displayed on the monitor look better than what’s available on the console. You’ll need a rig powerful enough to get the best visuals – ray tracing set to max 4K 60fps will have to wait for a patch – but games look great even at lower levels. There’s also keyboard and mouse support, haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects for the DualSense controller, ultra-wide monitor support, and more.something you like.It’s even been verified with Steam Deck for those who can protect Valve’s exquisite handheld. Again, your mileage may vary based on your current setup/device at hand.

The question of whether to buy Spider-Man Remake It should be based on the strength of your computer. Maybe, if you can get your hands on the elusive PS5.Other than that, there’s no reason to pass it on Remake. For now, it’s a solid port of the spectacular Spider-Man game.

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